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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Josh Arauco Kicking Lessons

On Friday and Saturday Arkansas State University Kicker, Josh Arauco and his father were in Scottsdale, Arizona for Kicking Lessons.

Josh came to see me in preparation for his Texas vs The Nation Game in February. Josh had some concerns about his technique and wanted me to evaluate his kicking technique because he was feeling pain when he kicked a lot.

Josh is what I term a 'Cruncher'. Most coaches only know one coaching point to tell their kicker 'Keep Your Head Down'. What they don't realize, the effect it can have on a kickers technique and the stress it puts on their kicker's body.

After the first kicking lesson we reviewed Josh's video and I came up with a game plan to get Josh to open up his swing and kick up and through the ball better. Josh was a quick study and made the adjustment with no problem.

Next, we addressed the elevation Josh was getting on his field goal kicks. Once again Josh made a quick adjustment and the balls where taking off and still flying straight but with better height.

We finished each day going over Josh's kickoff technique. Josh did not kickoff in college so we spent some good technique time on this part of his game.

Click below to listen to Josh Arauco Testimonial about working with Coach Zauner:

It was a real pleasure meeting and working with Josh and his father. During two days of kicking Josh hardly missed a kick. He is a very accurate kicker and now if he can kick accurately with more distance he brings more to his resume. I wish Josh the best of luck in his upcoming game (Texas vs The Nation) in February and the NFL Draft in April.

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