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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Batson & Spencer North Alabama

On Saturday and Sunday punter Will Batson and kicker Kenny Spencer both from the University of North Alabama. They are both here in Scottsdale, Arizona working Kicking and Punting Lessons to improve their fundamentals and become more consistent.

Will Batson is a 6'4 and 215 pound good looking big legged punter. During the two days of punting lessons he worked my drop progression drill to get a more consistent nose down drop. And also, worked on punting up and through the ball. Will is what I term a 'Cruncher'. As his leg moves up his head and shoulder move forward and down.

In the photo above Will is working a drill to stay more upright and punting up and through the ball. Will has a lot of potential as a punter. The biggest thing he needs is drill work and the proper fundamentals. When Will executes a perfect drop and hits the ball on top of his punting foot the ball is long and far. Like all kicking specialists the key to his success is 'Consistency'!

Kenny Spencer is a 6'1 and 215 pound big legged kicker. The University of North Alabama was fortunate to recruit and land two kicking specialists that have PRO potential talent. Now, that they are seniors and are draft eligible the University has some big shoes to fill.

Last year when Kenny came to Scottsdale for kicking lessons I remembered he had a good strong leg. He warmed up and still showed he has a big leg. I noticed a couple of minor swing flaws and during the video review we address those flaws.

During the two kicking lessons we worked on foot to ball contact. Kenny hits a big ball but at times his foot position on the ball is a little inconsistent. When he makes 'Perfect' foot to ball position the ball goes high, far and straight.

Also, at times Kenny was rolling on his plant ankle and was cutting his kicks. I tried to get him to kick up and through the ball better.

We finished both days working on Kenny's kickoff technique. Again, when he hit the sweet spot of his foot to the ball he hit several touch backs. The key to his success kicking and kicking off will also be consistency.

It was again a pleasure working with the two kicking specialists from the University of North Alabama. I will see them again February 20 & 21 for Coach Zauner's College Senior Specialists Combine.

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