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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Nick Pertruit Kicking Lessons

On Sunday and Monday Nick Pertuit a former professional soccer player and arena kicker from Texas was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some Kicking Lessons.

Nick had played professional soccer early in his career and is now trying to kick footballs for a living. He would love to attend my Free Agent Specialists Combine in March. From his first kick I could tell this young man had some explosion in leg. I could also see that he lacked some football kicking fundamentals.

However, that is why he came to me in Arizona to get an evaluation on where he was in football kicking career and how he can get better.

In the two days we kicked watched and analyzed the video and came up with a game plan for Nick to become a more consistent field goal kicker and kickoff man.

We address several fundamentals with drills. His foot to ball contact was a little inconsistent.
He was not kicking up and through the ball the same way on every kick.

After two intense days of kicking and video work Nick was improving and hit some excellent kicks. I told him to go home and work the drills for three weeks and see how much improvement he can make. Having a big leg is only a part of being a good kicker.

The key to every one's success is 'Consistency'. That comes from good sound fundamentals.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Nick and I wish him the best of luck in pursuit of an NFL career.

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