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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2010 Senior Bowl - Day 1

After my weekend of kicking and punting lessons in Scottsdale, Arizona I was on a plane Monday afternoon to the 2010 Senior Bowl. I arrived in Mobile, Alabama later that night. Tuesday morning I was at the Senior Bowl practices evaluating the kicking specialists. The Senior Bowl has always had the tradition as being the elite bowl that always invited the top college seniors. Because of its reputation most of the senior players accepted the invitation.

Every team in the NFL, CFL and UFL were in attendance with clip boards, stop watches and recorders evaluating the talent. The press core was getting interviews from the top players. Agents for players were watching their clients or trying to sign new talent. And coaches that were fired were looking for new jobs and teams.

Needless to say there was a lot of activity with everyone's own self interest at hand. Mine was watching and evaluating the kicking specialist talent.

In the first practice I watched the North specialists: kicker, Brett Swenson (Michigan State), punter, Mesko Zoltan (U. of Michigan) and snapper, Mike Windt (U. of Cincinnati)

Zoltan Mesko #42 a left footed punter from the University of Michigan was a pre-season All-American selection. Brett Swenson the kicker from Michigan State had a excellent college career. I really didn't know much about Mike Windt the snapper from Cincinnati but he looked pretty good in both practices I observed.

The South Team was comprised by kicker Leigh Tiffin (U. of Alabama), punter Matt Dodge (East Carolina University), and snapper Morgan Cox (U. of Tennessee). In 2009 Morgan attended my PRO Development Camp in Minnesota and he had two solid practices.

In the photo below Matt Dodge punts during the South punt team period with a live rush.

During the practices GM's, Head Coaches, Position Coaches, and Scouts lined the field and sat in the stands to critique the players from the two teams.

While everyone was evaluating the position players I was working the stands for Directors of College, Pro Scouting and Special Teams Coordinators to give them information about my College Senior Specialists Combine and Free Agent Specialists Combine.

All the practices were covered by ESPN and Sirius NFL Radio.

In all I must say my first day at the Senior Bowl was a success. I talked to Special Teams Coaches and Directors of Personnel from the NFL, CFL and UFL teams. They all seem very interested in my two combines and look forward to get the results and video from both events.

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