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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Alex Steigerwald Kicking Lessons

On Sunday and Monday University of Toledo kicker Alex Steigerwald was in Scottsdale, Arizona for Kicking Lessons.

Alex was very excited about coming to Arizona because he was interested in hearing my evaluation and opinion about his kicking technique . He said he has watched many of the videos on my website; www.coachzauner.com

The next two photos will paint a perfect picture.

In the photo above Alex warmed up and starting kicking with a major "Crunch". He told me that was the one thing he learned a long time ago when he started to kick. The coach told him at a kicking camp. When you really feel the "Crunch" you know your kicking well.

During the two days of individual kicking lessons we worked on Alex getting a more consistent foot to ball contact and a better rotation on his kicks.

Next, we worked on eliminating the "Crunch". Alex was a quick study. He liked what I was saying and more importantly he felt like he could kick up and through the ball better. Alex starting kicking the ball higher and straighter with less effort.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Alex. He has a lot of natural kicking talent. I feel that in a couple of weeks his kicking will get even better with less thinking.

Unfortunately I missed my opportunity to get a photo of Alex and myself...sorry Alex!

However, I will have the chance as Alex will be participating in my College Senior Specialists Combine February 20-21 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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