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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sam Houston State Snapper

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday Justin Humphrey, Sam Houston State University, was in Scottsdale for One on One Snapping Lessons. Justin is about 6'4 and 235 pounds now. He use to weigh in at about 260 pounds several month ago. It's good to see that he is reshaping his body the correct way.

Justin's long range goal is to be an NFL snapper. He's dieting and lifting to put on good muscle weight. He is also working to refine his snapping technique and that is why he is here in Scottsdale Arizona for One on One Snapping Lessons.

Justin has two more years of eligibility left at Sam Houston State University and at this point he is a quite good snapper. However in both phases of snapping, field goals and punts, he must work to improve his consistency.

His basic fundamentals of stance, body position, grip and delivery appear sound and good. However, his routine and release point changed at times which cause inconsistency in his snapping accuracy.

Justin didn't do any drills to warm up. His warm up consisted of just passing the ball to his partner and then started to snap. I encourage all snappers to do some type of drills to emphasize basic fundamentals.

The key for any snapper is to have a routine, be fundamentally sound and practice snapping so you get the correct muscle memory on every snap like you are snapping in a game.

We spent time every session doing a 'Perfect Laces Drill'. Justin after three days finally mastered the drill and executed 2 sets of 'Perfect Laces' or laces out consecutively. A set consists of 10 snaps to a holder. Above you can see the holder catching the ball with 'Perfect Laces' at 8 yards with the laces out. In our earlier lesson he was only at 60 to 80%.

Justin's punt snapping speed is good (.71 to .77) at 15 yards, but his accuracy and consistency need to improve. He had various routines and a lot of head movement which I felt caused him some problems. Justin worked hard in three lessons on getting one setup, a consistent release point and snapping and vertical setting straight back to get him to become more consistent.

I introduced Justin to several snapping drills for him to take back and practice. We did a One Handed Spiral Drill, Hit My Hand Trajectory Drill, Balls & Strikes Accuracy Drill and a Vertical Set and Block, Protection Drill. Each drill breaks down and emphasizes basic fundamentals.

Justin improved every day he was here and learned some great drills. The key to his or any clients improvement is taking what you learn, go home and practice, practice and more practice. It is a waste of money and time if you don't make a commitment to get better!
Justin Humphrey Testimonial working with Coach Zauner:

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