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Friday, June 27, 2008

One on One with NFL Janikowski

Today and Thursday and I worked One on One Kicking Lessons with the biggest leg in the NFL, Sebastian Janikowski. After two days of working with this NFL veteran I must say it has been both enjoyable and a privilege.

The questions that go through my mind when I work with any star or elite NFL kicker, punter or snapper is, 1) why is he here, 2) is he going to listen to me and 3) is he going to try the things I suggest or is he going to question me.

On Thursday we worked our first lesson at Scottsdale's Desert Mountain High School and today we worked at Chaparral High on their beautiful turf field which is located in Scottsdale AZ.

The heat in Arizona at this time of the year is 100 plus degrees in the afternoon. So, to beat the heat we worked out at 8:00 AM while the temperatures where in the mid 80's to lower 90's. As we say in Arizona, it's a dry heat.

This was the first time I have met or worked with Sebastian and I must say he was a really pleasant young man. There might be the Raider Mystique when he has a uniform on. However, in the two days I have spent with Sebastian he seems to be just a good guy.

On Thursday I watched Sebastian kick, trying to study and learn his style of kicking. I asked a ton of questions. Sebastian really knows kicking technique and we had some excellent conversations.

The key for me to help someone with their kicking is to not only watch their technique but to know 'why' they do what they do. I want to know their thoughts not only warming up but also during drill work and kicking field goals or kickoffs.

Next, I want to figure out if they have a method to their routine? Do they have a system? Are they willing to try things?

I know I can help any kicker at any level improve his consistency if they listen and work with me. I really take pride in designing and developing a system that works for each individual kicker, punter or snapper, 'Individuality'!

Sebastian has been an excellent student for me to work with because he understands mechanics and technique. I feel with Sebastian being a 4 handicap golfer helps him understand the golf analogies I use, which relate to kicking a football. In the last two days I have used a bunch of these analogies and he knows exactly what I'm referring to.

After Thursday's kicking session and video review, I believe Sebastian was very happy he came to Scottsdale to work with me.

I could be wrong, but I'll wait to listen to his comments and get his final thoughts and impressions about my approach and teaching style.

Sebastian has so much talent and a big leg. Last season the Raiders had him attempt 11 field goals over 50 yards, which can hurt any ones kicking percentages. So, he is here working to get better on his long field goals and anything else I can help him with.

Here we are figuring out a system that is going to work for Sebastian on any kick from any spot on the field.

Sebastian normally just does warm up kicks and starts kicking field goals. I suggested he try the One Step Drill and he agreed to try it. The One Step Drill is my favorite drill to emphasize technique. Sebastian caught on quickly. We moved back to 50 yards and he boomed them high, far, and right down the middle. Some of the One Step kicks would have been good from 58 to 60 yards.

After a couple of sets of One Steps we focused in on field goals. We came up with a system that Sebastian felt very comfortable with and he nailed a bunch of 58 to 65 yard field goals.

Just a quick note: I broke out 4 new (K) balls for Sebastian to kick with, so these were not pumpkins.

The second sessions ended with Sebastian feeling very good about the path or direction we have taken. In the past Sebastian had made some minor adjustments when he kicked from the right hash. He can now kick middle, left hash or right hash with the same approach.

Tomorrow is our third One on One Lesson and he will be even more comfortable with this system. As I told him, when you leave it usually takes about two to three weeks where it becomes really comfortable.

If Sebastian improves as much as I think he can with this new system he could have a big pay day in the near future.

Sebastian Janikowski One Step Drill Video: 58 Yard One Step Field Goals

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