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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Making Contact with NFL Directors

Today, was quite a hectic day in the office. First, I had to finish the preparation for my trip next week to Minnesota and Wisconsin for One on One Lessons. Plus, I had to finalize the downloading of video for the River Falls Kicking Camp, scheduled for June 21st - 23rd. For additional information and availability view to my website: http://www.coachzauner.com/.

Then, it was Coach Zauner telemarketing all day long. The previous week I had sent a letter to the NFL General Managers including Personnel Directors of College and Pro Scouting, which can be read on my June 9th blog.

In addition, to the 8 hours I spent on the phone contacting all 32 NFL teams I was responding back with a followup. Using the NFL directory I started on the Atlanta Falcons and finished with the Washington Redskins.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to speak with everyone who received an email from me, however, I did leave many lengthy voice messages.

Several of the Personnel Directors I did reach gave a positive feedback on the website and in particular, the strong factor was they could click onto, One on One Lessons and immediately view quality workouts. Matter of fact, two directors really emphasised the value that I used brand new, to almost brand new, (K) balls during the workouts and they could actually time the kicks and hang times.

Matter of fact, while I speaking with the Personnel Directors, I directed them through the website to educate them on the various consulting options Coach Zauner, LLC has to offer their organization.

I truly believe, the One on One video workouts http://www.coachzauner.com/ will give all these young men more exposure, which will ultimately give them an opportunity for a workout and possibility of a job in the NFL.

One of the last questions I asked every Director was, "Should I host a workout camp next March or April in Phoenix, Arizona would they or the team send a representative to check out the talent. Every Director after viewing the website and hearing my sales pitch said, they would have someone in Arizona to view the talent."

It was an incredibly busy and hectic day but, it was all worthwhile. More importantly, this time was not just additional contact and exposure for Coach Zauner, LLC but also, for all the kickers, punters and snappers featured on the website.

Amongst the following Directors I spoke to, by whom all liked the website including the fact I would be an additional resource for their organization in finding kicking, punting and snapping talent:

* George Kokinis - Director of Pro Scouting - Ravens
* Bobby DePual - Director of Pro Scouting - Bears
* Chris Polian - VP of Football Operations - Colts
* Jeff Robinson - Pro Scout - Vikings
* Brian Smith - Pro Scout - N.E. Patriots
* Khai Harley - Director of Personnel - Saints
* Jon Sandusky - Director of Pro Scouting - Eagles
* Tom Gamble - Director of Pro Personnel - 49ers

It doesn't appear like a huge list but, each person said they would pass the word on to others within their organization. So, one call means at least three individuals or more in their organization will know about Coach Zauner's consulting services.

I personally feel this was a huge day! Tomorrow and for the next couple days, I will continue calling until I speak to someone from each NFL team... not until then, will I feel satisfied.

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!