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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One on One with Two WI Punters

In Wisconsin on Monday and Tuesday I had One on One Punting Lessons with two Milwaukee Area High School star athletes Brad Nortman and Garrett Maloney.

Brad Nortman was Wisconsin's All State Punter at Brookfield Central High School. This fall, Brad will be playing football for the University of Wisconsin Badgers on a full athletic scholarship.

Brad Nortman is about 6'3 and 215 pound athlete with a big punting leg. During the first lesson I noticed that Brad had some flaws in his approach to the ball and his drop. Brad had been taught to walk down the line when he punts and that was causing to hit most of his punts to his left.

With Brad for two days I stressed fundamentals. I taught Brad my drop progression drill, the one step drill and emphasized my power zone punting technique.

When Brad hit a couple of 4.7 to 5.0 second hang time punts, (SNO) spiral nose over to his power zone he could really feel a difference in power.

Brad just needs to eliminate the movement in drop and keep power zone punting and he will have an excellent career in college and possibly the NFL. He has the perfect body type for a punter. He also seems to be very dedicated to being the best he can be not only on the field but also in the classroom.

It was a pleasure working with this fine young man from Milwaukee and the great state of Wisconsin. The city where I was born and the state I went to high school, college and the area I grew up.

Garrett Maloney is a two sport star athlete at Marquette High School. This fall Garrett will be a senior. On the football team Garrett is a tight end and punter. He is also one of the star athletes on the basketball team.

Garrett is a good looking athlete that is about 6'5 and 215 pounds. We worked for two days and this kid could have a future as a college punter if he sets his mind to it. The problem is that Garrett is also an outstanding basketball player at Marquette High School.

The One on One Punting Lesson with Garrett was slightly different then most lessons, only because Garrett was coming off ankle surgery and he couldn't punt full speed. However, that might of been a blessing in disguise. For the two days we spent time on fundamentals and more fundamentals. Grip, drop, catch - mold and drop and the art of power zone punting.

In the first lesson it took a while for Garrett to hit a (SNO) spiral nose over punt, but once he did he hit a bunch of them. Garrett was like a kid in the candy store. He found something new and was getting pretty good at hitting every punt spiral nose over to the power zone. He finished the first lesson feeling pretty good about himself.

The second lesson, he struggled from the start. His ankle was sore and he wasn't punting through the ball like he did the first day. Plus, he had a lot more movement in his drop. During the video review he could see the difference in his drop from the first day to the second.

The drop is everything to a punter. We worked all the fundamental drills and he now knows exactly what he must do to be a good punter.

Garrett is a good athlete and seems to be very consciences about getting better at whatever he takes on. His dad told me, that night he was working drills to eliminate the movement in his drop. He was a little frustrated that he didn't turn over as many punts in his second lesson.

Garrett and Brad were both a pleasure to work with and I wish them both the best in the future.Both young men have lovely parents. It's good to see that their parents have taken an aggressive approach in getting their son's punting help so they can be successful.

Terry Maloney (below) and I grew up about the same time in Milwaukee and played baseball in the Milwaukee County Lansdorf League later in our careers.

Video Testimonial from Terry Maloney about my Consulting Services:

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