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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Janikowski Biggest Leg in NFL

After three days of kicking with Sebastian Janikowski I have to say this young man has the biggest and strongest leg I've seen or Coached in my NFL or consulting career.

Several years ago I worked with Brad Dalusio. He was the last kicker that stood out in my mind that had a big leg!

We finished our third One on One Lesson on Saturday. He and I both felt that Saturday was his best day kicking. Sebastian was now becoming more comfortable with all the little things we worked on to refine his technique.

We started with a warm up and One Step Drill and he executed these drills almost flawlessly. He started with 30 yard One Steps and progressed back to the 50, 53, 58 and 60. He made a One Step Drill kick from 60 yards. "This was a first for my eyes."

We then focused on field goals from various ranges and hashes. Most of the kicks were between 45 and 58 yards. However, he ended the session making field goals from 65 and 67 yards. "It was a sight to see."

Sebastian and I were both very happy with his improvement from the first to the third One on One Lesson.

Video highlights of Sebastian Janikowski's third One on One Lesson.

It was really great working on the field with Sebastian and getting to know him better as a kicker. It was also great getting to know him as a person. After our Saturday workout Sebastian, his wife Laurie, and his agent Paul Healy came over to my house for a BBQ. We really had a relaxing and enjoyable evening.

After dinner he once again thanked me for my help and gave me a big hug when he left and said it was really nice to meet and work with me.

But of course the biggest endorsement I could receive is when Sebastian asked me if he could come back again in July and work more on field goals and review his kickoff technique. Sebastian led the NFL in kickoffs, with 23 touch backs so it will be interesting to work with somebody that is at that level and still be able to improve his technique. Is it possible to take his league high 23 to 35 or whatever. With his big leg, if he improves his consistency the sky is the limit.

Tonight, I pickup Dave Rayner at the airport. He is scheduled for One on One Lessons on Monday and Tuesday.

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