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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Calls from More Kickers & Punters

Last week and this week I received a lot more calls and inquires about my One on One Lessons. The word must be spreading amongst the specialists.

Several of the kickers and punters I have given lessons to, recommended that I open an account on Fackbook. So I opened a profile about two weeks ago and "Bingo" I have about 90 new friends and friends must talk.

I also have received calls from kickers and parents that have Googled my name, Coach Zauner or Kicking and Punting Lessons. Craig Kasnoff, has designed my website and the strategy, plus my wife Michelle, the real Head Coach in our family are in charge of marketing.

Craig and Michelle are doing a heck of a job! While they promote the business, all I have to do is teach and coach or just do what I'm best at, developing talent. "Team Work!"

The number of players calling is growing. I have received calls and emails from some excellent college and pro kickers, punters and snappers looking to get better.

This is a list of players that have contacted me in the last week:

1) Mike Dragosavich, Punter at N. Dakota St. and N.E. Patriots

2) Sam Swank, Kicker at Wake Forest

3) Pat McAfee, Kicker at West Virginia

4) Dave Rayner, Veteran NFL Kicker

5) Justin Humphrey, Snapper at Sam Houston State

6) Adam Graessle, former Punter at Pittsburgh

7) Alex Groh, Punter at Occidental College

8) Jared Guberman, Kicker at U. of West Georgia

9) Cole Wilson, Kicker at Louisiana Monroe

10) Brad Nortman, Wisc. All-State Punter, going to U. of Wisconsin

11) Adam Tanalski, Free Agent Kicker Buffalo Bills

Some of the these players have already booked dates in late June or early July and others are still thinking.

Everyday is a new day, more calls and emails keep coming... I love my job!

Also, this weekend I am doing a two hour kicking clinic for the kicking specialists at Apache Junction High School. Coach Milligan called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would come to his high school to work with his kickers, punters, snappers and coaches. He said, the kicking specialists are the one group of players on his team who probably don't get coached that well on technique. So he wants to take advantage of me being in the area. This will be a great time for me!

Coach Milligan has hit the nail right on the head. He at least realizes that his kickers don't get coached and is doing something about it. Other coaches just scream at their kickers when they don't do well or bench them.

My hat is off to Coach Milligan and other Head Coaches that realize the kickers are also a part of the team and should be coached. The game is won by teamwork!

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog!