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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

River Falls Pro's Excellent Teachers

The River Falls Kicking Camp was a success again this year because of the quality of instruction the NFL Pro's exhibited for the campers.

Matt Katula former University of Wisconsin athlete and current Baltimore Ravens Long Snapper talks snapping in this short video:

Note: The sirens in the background are not of the police coming to get Matt. There was a small fire a couple of blocks from campus.

Steve Hauschka former North Carolina State athlete and current Minnesota Vikings Rookie Kicker works with a young camper.

Below is a short video of Steve demonstrating his field goal technique for the campers:

Derrick Frost former University of Northern Iowa athlete and current Washington Redskins Punter with Coach Zauner. Derrick and I worked a One on One Lesson in Minneapolis before the River Falls Kicking Camp started.

In this short video clip you will hear Derrick talking to the campers about his punting technique and the drills he likes to use to stress fundamentals:

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