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Friday, June 13, 2008

Alex Groh One on One Lessons

Thursday and Friday I gave One on One Punting Lessons to Alex Groh, Occidental College Punter. Alex is about 6'3 and about 215 lbs and a good looking athlete that is a punter.

Alex's father contacted me a couple of months ago when there was an article printed about Coach Zauner, LLC consulting business in the Scottsdale paper. Alex and I met around Easter time to talk philosophy. Last week Alex finished school and returned home to Fountain Hills, Arizona for the summer. He attended Fountain Hills High School.

We started the first lesson. Alex warmed up with some drills and then started punting. I watched and quickly noticed this young man was very fundamentally unsound.

I asked Alex questions and he gave me answers. I asked him, what was a good hang time when he punted his best ball and his answer was about 4.2 to 4.3 seconds. My response was if I can get you to punt with 4.6 to 4.8 hang times would you be pleased and his eyes lit up.

Alex has never had any type of formal punting instruction so he just punts the ball with sheer power not technique. That is why when he started to punt he was very inconsistent.

First of all Alex had a very low drop table, so we raised his drop and he immediately started hitting better hang times.

I introduced the One Step Drill which is my best drill and he quickly hit some (SNO) spiral nose over punts. He was quickly realizing that Coach Zauner's Power Zone Punting Technique was going to really make him a better punter.

Below, I introduced a no step drill to emphasize drop the ball to the top of his foot. Alex again picked up the drill quickly and hit a bunch of spirals. We moved on to more fundamentals.

Alex was a pleasure to work with because he picked up concepts and executed the drills almost to perfection with very limited repetitions.

No Step Drill: The Ball dropping to the top of Alex's foot to create a spiral punt!

During the two days of One on One lessons and also during the video review, Alex was all ears. He listen, watched and accepted coaching.

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