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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mark Kamphoefner (Truman St.)

On Monday and Tuesday Mark Kamphoefner (Truman State) was here in Scottsdale, Arizona doing some One on One Kicking Lessons. Mark graduated from college in 2005 and came here to improve his kicking and to get my evaluation of his talent.

On the first day Mark had a tendency to kick and pivot rather than kicking up and through the ball. We worked on his form without the ball and then we progressed to my 'One Step Drill'.

After the video review and I told Mark what he needed to do to get better. He agreed and went home and worked that evening on some none kicking drills.

It was amazing how much better Mark kicked the second day. Mark was a quick fix! He was really kicking the ball well. He hit some 50 yard field goals that at least had an additional 8 to 10 yards on them and he was hitting them with consistency.

At the end of the second session we worked on Mark's kickoffs. We worked on his steps, approach and not crunching. Once again Mark made quick progress. He kicked most of his kickoffs around the goal line and with good hang time.

I enjoyed working with Mark and I believe that he has some talent and potential. The next step is the most difficult, which is getting that exposure and opportunity. I wish Mark the best of luck and it was a pleasure working with him and watching him improve.

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