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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hayden Singer (Lakeville H.S.)

On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Hayden Singer (Lakeville High School) in Minnesota was here in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Hayden is entering his senior year of high school and came here to improve his kicking and punting.

Hayden's father and mother both mentioned to me before we started lessons that Hayden loves to kick and punt a football but has never had any formal instruction or coaching.

As Hayden started his place kicking lesson I noticed that he had a tendency to kick and 'jump' or leap through his kicks rather than kick and skip through the ball like most kickers.

That was instantly a signal going off that we needed to have a heavy dosage of fundamentals.

I worked with Hayden to kick and skip through his kicks and to stay more under control. After going over the video together and reviewing the lesson back at the hotel, Hayden really started to improve.

Next, we worked on his kickoffs. As you can see in the picture (above) Hayden did a good job of kicking up and through the ball.

Finally, we briefly went over some punting. In the picture (above) you can see that I am showing Hayden the proper way to make contact with the ball. Once again I stressed fundamentals: grip, ball placement, drop and the key points to my 'Power Zone Punting' Technique.

Hayden immediately hit some nice spiral punts and had a smile on his face. After three days of One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons I believe Hayden and his parents are very happy with his improvement.

Hayden worked hard every day and night back at the hotel on his kicking drills. It was amazing how much improvement Hayden was making from lesson to lesson. His hard work will pay dividends in the future for him and Lakeville High School.

It was a real pleasure working with Hayden and I wish him the best of luck in his senior and upcoming season.

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