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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

32 Teams Attend F.A. Combine

As they said in the movie Field of Dreams, "If You Build It...They Will Come!

Well, it was my dream to build or create a Free Agent Specialists Combine and assemble elite kicking talent for the National Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL) and United Football League (UFL) coaches and Pro Personnel to evaluate.

Below are some of the 32 NFL, CFL and UFL staff showing up early Monday morning at Paradise Valley High School for a 8:30 organizational meeting with me. Included are Jim Fassel new Head Coach of the UFL - Las Vegas Team arriving with his staff to evaluate the specialist talent.

Also, in the photo (white shirt left) walking directly behind his father is John Fassel, Special Teams Coordinator for the Oakland Raiders.

Above, Matt Overton executes his skills in the Snap / Vertical Set & Block Drill. The coaches and Pro Personnel had a front row seat to watch and evaluate all the snapping drills.

The coaches, scouts and Pro Personnel were given access to the entire field to get up close and personal to evaluate the talent. The talent pool consisted of a total of 41 kicking specialists. This included 16 kickers, 15 punters and 10 snappers/utility players.

This was my first attempt at running an event of this magnitude and I was amazed at how many teams supported the event. In all 26 NFL, 2 CFL, and 4 UFL teams attended.

Many of the NFL Special Teams Coaches that attended, were guys I had coached against in the league for 13 years. They said came to support my effort and because of the high quality specialist talent I had gathered.

Below (left in white shirt) you see Pete Rodriguez standing and watching drills in front of the other coaches, scouts and Pro Personnel.

Here is the list of teams that attended Monday's Free Agent Combine:


Arizona - Special Teams Coach Kevin Spencer

Atlanta - Special Teams Coach Keith Armstrong

Baltimore - Assistant Special Teams Coach Marwan Maalouf

Buffalo - Kevin Meganck Pro Personnel and Assistants

Chicago - Dir. Pro Personnel Bobby DePaul & ST Coach Chris Tabor

Cincinnati - Special Teams Coach Darrin Simmons

Cleveland - Assistant Special Teams Coach Tracy Smith

Denver - Assistant Special Teams Coach Keith Burns

Detroit - Assistant Special Teams Coach Bradford Banta

Green Bay - Special Teams Coach Shawn Slocum

Houston - Special Teams Coach Joe Marciano

Indianapolis - Special Teams Coach Ray Rychleski

Jacksonville - Special Teams Coach Russ Purnell

Miami - Assistant Special Teams Coach Darren Rizzi

New England - Pro Personnel Representative

New Orleans - Assistant Special Teams Mike Mallory

New York Jets - Assistant Special Teams Coach Kevin O'Dea

Oakland - Special Teams Coach John Fassel

Philadelphia - Pro Scout Jeremy Snyder

St. Louis - Assistant Special Teams Coach Derious Swinton

San Diego - Special Teams Coach Steve Crosby

SF 49ers - Director of Pro Personnel Tom Gamble

Seattle - Director of Pro Personnel Will Lewis and Assistant

Tampa Bay - Personnel Assistant

Tennessee - Special Teams Coach Al Lowry

Washington - Assistant Coach Billy Khayat


Toronto Argonauts - Assistant GM Greg Mohns

Winnipeg Blue Bombers - Special Teams Coach Rick Campbell


San Francisco - Assistant Coach Trent Bray

LasVegas - Head Coach Jim Fassel and Coaching Staff

Orlando - Special Teams Coach Al Roberts

New York - Special Teams Coach Pete Rodriguez

Click below for a brief highlight video of

Coach Zauner Free Agent Specialists Combine:

Below Coach Zauner talks with newly hired Colts Special Teams Coordinator Ray Rychleski

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