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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Colton Sanchez (Arcadia H.S.)

On Sunday Colton Sanchez (Arcadia High School) here in Phoenix, Arizona came to me for an evaluation. Colton is a sophomore kicker at Arcadia H.S. and he and his parents came to get my opinion of his kicking skills and to get some direction for his kicking future.

During the hour evaluation I watched Colton kick. He is a good athlete and has good kicking form. As a sophomore kicker he is ahead of the curve when it comes to kicking talent. I made some observations. All my comments had to do with fundamentals.
I believe my (1) One Hour Evaluations are a great way for kicking specialists to get some basic instruction and for parents to get some direction for their sons kicking future at the next level.

I tell all parents that kicking at the next level if its college or professional is not an easy road. However, I believe it is important for a high school or college kicking specialist to strive to be the best he can be to help his team win games now.

There are many kicking camps around the country that are now only stressing competition, rankings, and exposure for scholarships.

In my opinion if a kicker has above average or excellent kicking, punting or snapping skills or potential but does not have good solid fundamentals, I personally don't believe he will ever achieve his full potential.

I would like to see more parents sent their kids to instructors or kicking camps that stress the teaching of fundamentals.

I hope my evaluation with Colton has given him some good information and fundamentals as well given his parents some insight as to what they should do to help Colton with his kicking future.

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