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Sunday, April 19, 2009

David King (Aussie Rules Punter)

On Wednesday and Thursday David King (Australian Rules Punter) was here in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Punting Lessons. David has been training in Melbourne, Australia for the past 6 months and came to the United States in hopes of getting in front of some NFL coaches and scouts to secure some workouts and get signed to an NFL contract.

David just recently went to the Pelfrey's Kicking Combine and was a little disappointed with the lack of exposure he received.

He and a group of his Australian mates had done some research on kicking coaches while in Australia and liked my website and credentials. Several of the Aussie punters contacted me on Tuesday and Wednesday but unfortunately were unable to make it down to Phoenix.

While some of David's mates were unable to change their travel plans David hopped on a plane from Ray Pelfrey's workout in Reno, Nevada and came to Phoenix for two days of One on One Lessons with me.

I started the first lesson with David by introducing him to my 'Drop Progression Drill' and the 'One Step Drill'. This was the first time he had been introduced to these types of drills and picked them up quickly.

Matter of fact David was a quick study on most of the things I showed him. He was also excellent and studying video and analyzing his technique.

Like most Australian punters, David has a knack for kicking a Aussie or American football. By the second day of work he had become much more comfortable with the my Power Zone Punting Technique and started hitting more and more (SNO) spiral nose over punts with 4.8 and 4.9 hang time!

David told me that he learned a lot while he was here and mentioned possibly coming back to Arizona in the near future for a few weeks of training. David is a very smart and ambitious young man and I look forward to working with him and some of his Aussie Mates in the future!

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