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Monday, April 13, 2009

F.A. Combine Results & Skills Test

It was my First Annual Free Agent Combine and I wanted the event to be perfect. Perfect it was not! However, I know in my heart it can get even bigger and better in the future.

In all, we had 32 teams represented including 26 National Football League (NFL), 2 Canadian Football League (CFL) and 4 United Football League (UFL) teams who evaluated 41 free agent kicking specialists. Of the 6 NFL teams who were unable to attend this year's combine due to NFL Draft conflicts, many have said they are looking forward to attending next year's Free Agent Combine.

The feed back, evaluations and testimonials by the NFL Special Teams Coaches and Directors of Pro Personnel and coaches has been excellent.

Joe Marciano, Houston Texans Special Teams Coordinator said, "Coach Zauner has coached in the NFL as a Special Teams Coordinator for 13 years. He's coached or trained 19 Pro Bowl kickers and punters throughout his career. Also during his NFL coaching career, he's competed against the 'best of the best'. Zauner knows the standards that NFL Special Teams Coaches want and need of their kicking specialist's. His Combine was run extremely efficiently for the coaches, Pro Personnel and players. I believe if you're an NFL Special Teams Coach, Director of Personnel or kicking specialist, Coach Zauner's Combine is 'the' event to attend."

Bobby DePaul, Senior Director of Pro Personnel for the Chicago Bears said, "This was the best run Free Agent Combine I have participated in during my 21 years working as a coach or scout in the NFL. This effort clearly demonstrated that Coach Zauner has the knowledge needed to run an efficient Combine and effectively evaluate specialists. I want to thank Coach Zauner for all his hard work and professionalism. This was a job well done! I will be looking forward to an expanded field of specialists next year."

Jim Fassel, Former Head Coach N.Y. Giants & Current Head Coach Las Vegas UFL Team said, “Recently my UFL staff attended Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialists Combine in Phoenix, Arizona. We have participated in many free agent Combines throughout the years searching for football talent and all agreed this was the best run Combine any of us have attended. Coach Zauner was extremely efficient as all the events started on time. He directed the drills and efficiently moved specialists from station to station. This was a high energy event as there was no sitting around or waiting to evaluate the 41 specialists participating. Coach Zauner and his staff announced all the times and distances making the recording of stats easier for the teams. The field of talent was handpicked and of the highest caliber. This is 'the' Kicking Combine to attend if you’re a professional football team or aspiring kicking specialist.”


During my 13 years as a Special Teams Coach in the NFL I went to the NFL Combine for 18 years. I always felt the combine could be run more efficiently and effectively. So, when you run your own event you can do it whatever way you want.

You heard the testimonials above. In the photos and videos below you can see the skills test and how the events were run. The 41 participants went through the workout and skills tests in about 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

The snappers were evaluated in three different types of drills. My 'Perfect Laces Drill' for short snapping. My 'Balls and Strikes Drill' for accuracy. And a combination punt snap drill for speed, accuracy and blocking technique. Click the video below to see a sample of the drills.

The second group up was the kickoff and field goal specialists.

Click below to see a short video of the Field Goal Kickers skills Test.

The third and last group up was the punters and kickoff specialists group.

Click below to see a short video of the Punters Skills Test.

In the photo below Larry McDuff former NFL Special Teams Coach and current UFL Defensive Coordinator and Special Teams Coach talks to NFL Veteran Punter, Scott Player.

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