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Monday, April 20, 2009

Jamie Hanson Returns

On Saturday and Sunday Jamie Hanson (Missouri Western State University) returned to Scottsdale, Arizona for some additional One on One Punting Lessons after working with me about a month ago.

Jamie is a draft eligible punter that returned to work with me in preparation for the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft this weekend.

I could see right away that Jamie's fundamentals had improved from the last time we worked together. He was becoming more comfortable with my One Step Drill. (Above photo)

After the first day of video review I not only noticed that Jamie was having some trouble with his placement and drop table but also was changing his grip on the ball occasionally from punt to punt. His drop was definitely moving too much.

To make matters even worst, it was extremely windy on the days we worked and sometimes the wind can reveal inconsistencies.

We adjusted Jamie's grip on the ball so it would be consistent. He worked hard to lock the ball on the table and suspend it more in front of his punting leg. He worked the drills hard, and by the end of the second session Jamie's drop was much more consistent. He was once again hitting some booming punts. The 'drop' is the secret to any punters success!

I want to wish Jamie the best of luck in the upcoming 2009 NFL Draft.

For Jamie and all the kicking specialists out there, it is sometimes very tough to get noticed coming from a smaller school. However, if your good you will get noticed sooner or later. You just have to hang in there, work hard and be patient.

It was a real pleasure working with Jamie and I wish him the best of luck in his pursuit of a NFL career.

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