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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chris Bodnar (Canadian Punter)

On Thursday Chris Bodnar (Canadian Punter) who is staying in Arizona for a few months, came back to Scottsdale, Arizona for his final One on One Punting Lesson after two previous lessons over the past week. Chris is from Saskatchewan, Canada and plays in the Canadian Junior Football League. He has been training in nearby Tempe, Arizona and wanted to come work with me to further improve on his punting.

We worked on his drop as you can see in the picture (above). We worked on the 'Drop Progression Drill' and the 'One Step Drill'.

We worked on just hitting spirals at first and Chris started hitting quite a few (SNO) Spiral Nose Over punts and started to feel much more comfortable with his technique.

On the final day Chris wanted to try a little kicking. He had not had much experience doing placekicking but he picked it up very quickly and with a little work on his foot placement he could be a very effective placekicker. After some practice he was able to hit a few kicks 50 yards and farther!

It was a pleasure working with Chris and I look forward to working with him a few times more while he is here in Arizona getting ready for the upcoming season in Canada.

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