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Friday, January 2, 2009

Atlanta Falcons Mike Smith

Today, between my One on One Kicking and Punting Lessons with Nick Schirtzinger and Derek Moore I drove over to the Ritz Carlton here in Phoenix, to meet with my long time friend and ex-roommate Mike Smith.

Mike Smith, Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons and myself coached together and were roommates for a couple years while we both were coaching football at San Diego State under Head Coach Doug Scovil, 1980 through 1985.

In the photo below (left to right) you see Head Coach Doug Scovil, a younger Coach Zauner, Defensive Coordinator Bernie Miller and a younger, Mike Smith with the clip board.

Doug Scovil hired me and made me the first full time special teams coach in NCAA History and Mike was a defensive assistant. Mike and I have had a long time friendship since our time together at San Diego State.

Mike and I where both two young coaches and roommates that had some great times on and off the field... great times and fond memories.

Mike and I also coached together in 2002 with the Baltimore Ravens under Head Coach Brian Billick. In 2003, Mike a linebacker coach at that time left the Ravens to become the Defensive Coordinator in Jacksonville under Jack Del Rio.

Mike did an outstanding job with Jacksonville's defense and in February of 2008 became the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

In the photo below, (left to right) Cole Proctor (Scout for the Tenn. Titans), Myself, Steve Shafer former San Diego State and long time NFL defensive backs coach, Mike Smith and Brian Billick. This photo was taken this summer back in Baltimore at Coach Billick's daughter's wedding.

While coaching and during life you meet some wonderful people. In these photos are a bunch of great coaches and great guys. I cherish their friendship.

Mike Smith has done an outstanding job along with the front office and his coaching staff turning around a franchise that had nothing but negative publicity last year.

Mike was given a well deserved chance to become a NFL Head Coach and has done wonders with the Atlanta Falcons Football team in his rookie season.

Atlanta Falcons Head Coach, Mike Smith is my NFL Coach of the year.

I wish Mike Smith and the Atlanta Falcons the best of luck tomorrow vs the Arizona Cardinals in their Wild Card weekend playoff game.

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