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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Senior Bowl Practice

Wednesday January 21st at the 2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl practice. The two question I ask myself as I watch the players and the kicking specialists practice at this year Senior Bowl is; "How Good is this group of kicking specialists compared to previous years and also compared to the rest of the other specialists around the country this year?"

During the morning practice I watched the North Practice. The kicking specialists are Kevin Huber, punter from the University of Cincinnati, Louie Sakoda, kicker / punter from the University of Utah and Mark Estermyer, snapper from the University of Pittsburgh.

Kevin Huber exploding up and through a pre practice punt.

Louie Sakoda hitting some warm up kicks before practice starts.

Mark Estermyer snapping to Huber during warm ups.

In the afternoon practice the kicking specialists for the South Team are Pat McAfee kicker / punter from the University of West Virginia, Thomas Morstead, punter and kickoff specialists from Southern Methodist University, and Jake Ingram, snapper from the University of Hawaii.

Thomas Morstead holds for Pat McAfee during a field goal period.

Thomas Morstead hitting some kickoffs to return men in pre practice.

Jake Ingram working on his snapping technique during practice.

Either during or after practice I introduced myself to all the kicking specialist. They all immediately recognized me from either my name or my website or face book photos. My wife Michelle and Craig have done an outstanding job branding my name and getting my face out into the kicking world.

I had a nice conversation with each player. They all have seen the website and really like it. Many asked me about my NFL Combine or Pro Day Training Lessions. There was no hard sell from me. I just explained to them what I had to offer and wished them the best of luck in this years draft.

It has been my experience that when a kicking specialists wins the Ray Guy, Lou Groza Award or gets invited to the prestigious Senior Bowl he believes he is one of the best in this years draft class.

What he doesn't seem to understand is that there are no kicking jobs open in the NFL at the present time because every team ended the season with a man at his position. And they also don't know what other kicking specialists are out there that haven't received all the attention of the NFL scouts and might be a sleeper in the draft.

I am now comparing these six players to all the players I have watched and seen during the season and the players that I am giving One on One Lessons and training in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I have the benefit of viewing and comparing this years class from around the country to previous years and also with those in the free agent market.

Some of these players showed me some potential. I thought each had some flaws in their technique and could get better with training. Some will get trained by others and I wish them the best of luck. Two or three are interested in working with me.

Last years group of kicking specialist that attended the Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine were all setting at home on Sunday afternoon during the NFL season. Brett Kern, Garrett Hartley, Brandon Coutu, Steve Hauschka, Connor Barth, and a couple other free agent kicking specialists made rosters.

Why? Because many in the world of kicking don't know how to evaluate kicking specialists talent. That's a blog entry down the line... I must go to practice.

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