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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Berger & Katula in AFC Game

In Sunday's AFC Championship Game in Pittsburgh I am proud to say I have two of my hand picked specialists playing for the right to go to the 2009 Super Bowl. Mitch Berger, Punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Matt Katula, Snapper for the Baltimore Ravens.

Mitch Berger (Pittsburgh Steelers) had been cut 6 times when I signed him as a free agent when I was the Special Teams Coach with the Minnesota Vikings. He is now in his 14 season as an NFL Punter with two Pro Bowl appearances.

In the photo below are my Minnesota Viking Specialists in 2001. Mitch Berger (left), Gary Anderson (right) and Brody Liddiard (kneeling)

For the past two summers here in Scottsdale, Arizona I have been training Mitch and helping him to get his punting skills back to form after a couple of injury plagued seasons with the Saints.

Matter of fact, I helped Mitch land his last two jobs with the Cardinals and Steelers by making calls and recommending him to their personnel departments. I am very proud of how hard Mitch has worked and the success and achievements he has attained throughout his NFL career and I wish him the best of luck on Sunday. Go Steelers!

When I was the Special Teams Coach with the Baltimore Ravens I went to the Wisconsin Badger Pro Day to see Matt Katula #70. Matt was young man from Brookfield, Wisconsin, which is a suburb from my home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I had known about Matt since he was a junior with the Badgers and I kept my eye on his career. After the 2004 draft I talked the Baltimore Ravens into signing Matt as a free agent. They were hesitant because they had drafted another snapper a couple of years ago and didn't feel we needed to waste money.

So, on the promise I made to Matt that I would give him a chance to beat out the other snapper he gave up a $5,000.00 signing bonus with another NFL team and signed with the Ravens for $00.00 (zero) signing bonus. I had faith in Matt, he had faith and believed in me.

So, in Sunday's game Matt will be snapping for his 5th year with the Baltimore Ravens. I am very proud of Matt's success and achievements and I wish him the best of luck. Go Ravens!

Matt also has helped me for the last four years with our Kicking Specialists Camp in River Falls, Wisconsin. Matt is a teaching Pro for snapping and he does a great job with the high school kids. This year the Coach Zauner Kicking Camp in River Falls will be June 27 - 29. Check out details on my website Kicking Camps.

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