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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kansas State Brooks Rossman

For the last 3 days I was in Mobile, Alabama watching and evaluating the kicking specialists at the Senior Bowl.

The crew from ESPN Sports were also down in Mobile to watch practice and giving insight to fans around the country about the players in attendance and how teams might look at them for this years 2009 NFL Draft.

After 3 days watching and evaluating the kicking specialists at the Senior Bowl I am back and working hard giving more One on One Kicking Lessons.

This weekend I have Pat Shadle, kicker (Syracuse), Romeen Abdollmohammadi, kicker (Washington State) and Brooks Rossman, kicker (Kansas State) all here this weekend. It's been very busy.

Brooks Rossman, Kansas State senior kicker was here in Scottsdale, Arizona on Friday and Saturday for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Brooks called me last week and asked if I could fit him in this weekend because he was driving from San Diego back to Kansas and wanted me to take a look at his technique.

Lately many players around the country either called or visited wanting my opinion, evaluation or some One on One Kicking Lessons. All I can say is that's great for me and I love my job. Matter of fact Jonathan Phillips, University of Florida, senior kicker called last night and he wanted to know about the same thing.

After working the last two days with Brooks Rossman I must say this young man has some NFL potential. I thought he was pretty impressive. He had nice form and tempo while kicking field goals and had excellent trajectory on his kicks.

After our first kicking lesson and video review I pointed out and showed Brooks a couple of minor flaws that I had noticed. He was unaware of a couple of these things and was very receptive to working to improve or correct the points I mentioned to him.

In the second lesson I worked my One Step Drill and addressed a swing flaw. We also made a couple of minor adjustments. After the adjustments were made Brooks was stripping the ball right down the center of the goal posts.

At the end of the two days of kicking Brooks leg was a little sore and we were unable to work on his kickoffs. However, what I saw on the first day was just OK. I know when he comes back in a couple of weeks we will work again and straighten out that part of his game.

Brooks was very complimentary about the lessons and loved the video review sessions. He said he learned a lot and will be back. He wants to be ready for his Pro Day in March. At the present time he probably isn't on too many NFL Scouts lists. If he keeps improving he will be on my top 10 list.

Click below and listen to Brooks Rossman testimonial on working with Coach Zauner:

I wish Brooks the best of luck this coming spring and hope he keeps improving and impresses the NFL Scouts at his Pro Day.

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