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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl

After a full week and weekend of One on One Lessons Kicking and Punting Lessons, on Tuesday I was headed to the 2009 Under Armour Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl is played in Mobile, Alabama and is coached by the staffs of two of the NFL teams.

This year Head Coach Marvin Lewis of the Cincinnati Bengals and staff are coaching the North Team and Head Coach Jack Del Rio and staff are coaching the South Team.

The Senior Bowl usually has 90 to a 100 top rated players in the country on their rosters. They also have some of the top rated kicking specialists. This year the kicking specialists in attendance for the Northe Team are snapper, Mark Estermyer (Pittsburgh), kicker, Louie Sakoda (Utah) and punter, Kevin Huber (Cincinnati). On the South Team their is snapper, Jake Ingram (Hawaii), kicker, Patrick McAfee (West Virginia) and punter, Thomas Morstead (SMU).

I am very interested in seeing and evaluating the techniques and potential of these players compared to others around the country. I have not trained or worked with any of these players yet however, I want to compare others with their talent level.

I have also come down here to maintain my contacts with some of my old coaching friends and stay in touch with the NFL Personnel Brass and Special Teams Coaches.

Matter of fact, I met with my old friend Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons Head Coach for a while at his hotel. As we talked in the Bar and Grill several people came over to congratulate Mike on his outstanding season and 'Coach of the Year' Award.

Some of those people where Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips (Dallas), Ron Rivera (San Diego), Billy Devaney (St. Louis) and a host of other NFL assistant coaches.

Mike and I have a long time relationship going back to the early 1980's. I am very happy for Mike and proud of his achievements.

Today, I am heading out to both practices to evaluate the kicking talent.

Stay tuned for More of Coach Zauner's Blog from the Senior Bowl!