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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Syracuse Pat Shadle

Since the beginning of the year it's been busy, busy and more busy! I Love It! Working with kickers, punters and snappers is my passion in life!

On Monday and Tuesday of this week Pat Shadle from the Syracuse University was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Pat was a semi-finalist last year for the Lou Groza Award.

Pat was also about 40 pounds heavier last year. Now, he is looking fit and in great shape! He has an impressive quick and explosive leg and kicks his field goals with excellent trajectory.

We kicked for two days and really didn't have to do much with his technique. After videotaping and analyzing his technique we refined what he was doing.

We worked my One Step Drill. Next I made Pat more aware when marking off his steps on the right and left hash marks to get a 90 degree angle instead of reducing his approach, which caused him to push his kicks right.

Below, Jake Richardson, Punter from Miami University of Ohio held during his field goal session.

Like many college kickers, Pat needs to work on his field goal consistency. I think he tries to over power the ball too many times. Tempo, Rhythm - Smooth!

Last we worked to improve his consistency on kickoffs. For the power and distance Pat kicks field goals it was not transferring over to his kickoffs. His steps and plant were erratic, causing inconsistency in his foot to ball contact.

Pat left Arizona knowing what he needs to do to improve his consistency on field goals and kickoffs. If he does improve his consistency he will be in someones camp this summer.

It was a pleasure working with Pat and I wish him the best of luck pursuing a job in the NFL.

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