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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One on One with Chad Mitchell

On Monday and Tuesday Chad Mitchell was in Scottsdale, Arizona for One on One Punting Lessons. Chad is 28 years old and is a former Texas A & M Tight End that has a passion for punting a football.

Chad is a very successful stock broker that always wanted to be a punter while he was playing football at Texas A & M however, Shane Lechler (Oakland Raiders) Pro Bowl Punter held that position and was an All American at that time.

Chad invested in a trip to Scottsdale to see if he could improve his skills and stock to make a late run at being an NFL punter at the age of 28. Chad's a smart guy and has some tough decisions to make in a couple of months. The road to the NFL is not an easy ride.

Chad is about 6'5 and 230 pounds with a big strong leg. However, he has a very inconsistent drop. Chad enjoyed the video reviews because the problems with his drop and technique became crystal clear.

Chads biggest problem was his drop. The ball was moving way to much. He was tossing the ball out and away with the nose up or out. In the photo below you can see his nose up drop.

Chad worked hard to just drop the ball, with the nose slightly down and inward so the ball would lay across his foot.

In the photo below we tried to emphasize taking a small first step and locking the ball on the table quicker.

I introduced my One Step Drill to Chad. Chad improved quickly on the drill when he just dropped the ball to the top of his foot. He started to hit a lot of (SNO) spiral nose over punts to the power zone.

In the two days of work, Chad got a little frustrated but admitted he was working on some things that were incorrect and causing bad muscle memory.

Chad is leaving Scottsdale knowing exactly what he must do to become a more consistent punter. Then he must decide at the age of 28 does he have the potential to become an NFL punter.

Everyone must realize the road to the NFL is not easy. There is no security unless you perform at the highest level and you must realize there are a lot of players that want your job!

Chad was a pleasure to work with. He is a bright young man that will make the right decision for his future. I wish him the best of luck!

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