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Monday, January 26, 2009

Abdollmohammadi & Shadle

Over the weekend I had three very good kickers in town for One on One Kicking Lessons. Brooks Rossman (Kansas State), Romeen Abdollmohammadi (Washington State) and Pat Shadle (Syracuse).

Romeen Abdollmohammdi is the former Washington State University kicker in 2007. Romeen came down to Scottsdale last November for some One on One Kicking Lessons and has returned to get an evaluation on his progress.

Romeen is about 6' and about 235 pounds with a very strong leg. Romeen has improved nicely on his form and technique from the last time I saw him in 2008.

In the photo below Romeen is working on my One Step Drill. During our three day session we continued to work on drills that emphasize perfect muscle memory for Romeen's style of kicking.

Last year when I worked with Romeen he was kicking and falling off his kicks. In the last three months he has been working hard to kick and skip through the ball because when he does kick and skip up and through the ball he crushes the ball high, far and straight. In the photo below he is kicking some 50 yard one step field goals.

Romeen has improved from lesson one to lesson two on his form, technique and even his consistency. However, Romeen knows he has to eliminate that occasional 'Stray Bullet' kick. He still on occasion reverts back to his old form and badly miss hits a field goal here and there.

During the video review he sees what the problem is and is trying to correct it. Romeen has worked hard and has improved. In my opinion Romeen has the potential to be an NFL kicker if he can eliminate those 'Stray Bullet' kicks.

Romeen is very coach able and will work hard to take his kicking game to the next level. He's getting closer and closer to achieving his goal. He has been a pleasure to work with and I wish him the best of luck pursuing an NFL career.

Pat Shadle was in town a couple of weeks ago and came back to Scottsdale this weekend because he was working the Ray Guy Kicking Camp and is hoping to kick well enough to get put on my web site Pro Personnel Section.

In addition, Brooks Rossman was in Scottsdale after working Chris Sailer's Camp last week in Vegas.

I guess I must be doing something right when I keep getting many of Chris Sailer and Ray Guy Kicking Academy Counselors coming to me for instruction.

Pat kicked on Friday over at Scottsdale Community College and showed me some improvement from the first session. Pat has a good field goal leg with some pop but was a little too inconsistent for me with his technique and accuracy.

On Sunday we went over to Chaparral High School and I put Pat through a field goal and kickoff workout. Pat had a pretty good day. During his warm up he crushed a couple of 50 plus yard one step field goals.

Next, I put Pat through a 10 kick field goal workout starting at the 30 yard line and progressed back to the 50 yard line. Pat was 9 for 10 on those kicks.

The next part of my workout is what I call my Bonus Kick section. I give each kicker another 5 or 6 kicks on field goals at 50 plus range. Pat was 3 for 5 on those field goals with a range from 52, 54 and 56 yards. I gave him a chance at a 58 and it hit the cross bar and fell short. This gives a kicker a chance to demonstrate to NFL Scouts and Special Teams Coaches the range he has.

Pat finished his workout kicking 9 kickoffs. Three down the middle and three more directionally to the left and right corners. In this section Pat was just average. He hit a couple of good kicks near the goal line with good hang time but needs to improve on his consistency. This is the biggest part of his game that needs attention.

It was the end of the day and I we still needed to review Romeen and Pat's video. I was sure glad the weekend was over. Three kickers for three days keeps me busy.

It was again a pleasure working with Pat and I was happy to see he has accepted coaching and has made steady improvement. I believe Pat will impress NFL Scouts with his kicking ability at his Pro Day and I wish him the best of luck in pursuing a career in the NFL.

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