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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Preparing DVD for Coaching Clinics

Last week, Friday, April 4th I spoke at the Wisconsin High School Football Coaches Association Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin. There were about 3,400 coaches in attendance. Just wanted to share some photos my niece, Jamie took of the event. Jamie and Todd Reichman, her husband have their own photography business in Illinois. You can visit their web site at http://www.reichmanphoto.com/

At my presentation there were about 300 avid High School & College Special Teams Coaches.
My topics were Kickoff Cover Stop Middle Wedge and Wedge Left and Right Returns. Plus, I showed two DVD's, the first was a One on One Field Goal and Kickoff Lesson with Mike Vanderjagt and the second was Punting Tips with Mitch Berger.

I had a blast talking to the coaches back in Wisconsin. I grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin. In the photo above on the screen is an advertisement for the kicking camp I do back in River Falls Wisconsin. I have done this camp for 30 years. It was one of the original kicking camps way back when. This year we have Mike Vanderjagt, NFL's Leading FG Percentage Leader as our Pro Kicker, Derrick Frost of the Washington Redskins as our Pro Punter and Matt Katula, Baltimore Ravens as our Long Snapper. The clinics dates are June 21st to 23rd. Contact information; John O'Grady Head Football Coach UW - River Falls, 1.800.228.5613 Email: john.f.ogrady@uwrf.edu.

This week I have not scheduled any kicking or punting One on One Lessons or my session with Sirius Radio. I have blocked this week off to work on my coaching DVD's and prepare for my upcoming coaching clinics and One on One Special Teams Coaching Seminars.

Next week, Monday, I will be visiting the Minnesota Vikings to do a Coaching Seminar with their Special Teams Coaches on various drills. This weekend I must get all my drills and power point presentations ready.

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