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Friday, April 4, 2008

One on One With Uncle Sam

This has been a hectic week. Tax season!

As they say in life, death & taxes are inevitable. I've been doing a One on One lesson with Uncle Sam for the last 3 days and it hasn't been much fun.

After dealing with taxes we headed to Madison, Wisconsin for my speaking engagement at the Wisconsin High School Coaches Association Clinic on Friday.

This is an event I have been looking forward to, as I was born and raised in Milwaukee,Wisconsin. As a sophomore, in 1966, I attended Milwaukee Pulaski High School. For my junior and senior years I attended Milwaukee Hamilton High School.

After graduation from Milwaukee Hamilton, I attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse from 1968 to 1972 where I received both my Bachelor and Masters Degree in Education.

Several of my college football team mates, who later became high school coaches, plus other coaching friends are planning to attend the clinic. I look forward to seeing all my old friends!

We checked into the the Marriott Hotel in Middleton, which is a suburb of Madison. As we check in I see Bob Berezowitz, former Head Coach at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater. Bob and I played against each other in college and he is the reason I was speaking at the clinic this year. He informs me that approximately 3,500 coaches will be in attendance this weekend. This clinic is the largest football coaches clinic in the country. It's even bigger than the Texas High School Football Coaches Clinic... 'That's Big!'

As I move through the lobby I see Greg Dufek, who was the Head Coach at Milwaukee Pulaski my sophomore year in high school. Great conversation. Thursday night was just the beginning, like old home week.

Michelle had a great time meeting several of my old friends and listening to us reminisce about previous playing and coaching stories.

Michelle and I attending the clinic

Due to traveling, my next post will be Sunday night.

Stay tuned to Coach Zauner's Blog!