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Saturday, April 19, 2008

News From The NFL!

Friday evening as Michelle and I were going to friends for dinner I received great news, bad news and no news.

First the "Great" news. Scott Player, one of my former players called to inform me that he had just signed a contract with the New England Patriots. Scott thanked me for my help and assistance. A couple of weeks ago we posted one of Scott's most recent workouts on my web site. We highlighted his ability to directional punt. I had called several NFL coaches and told them to view Scott's workout on line. Brad Seely the Patriots Special Teams Coach was one of the coaches I had talked to. Scott is a true professional. He has worked hard the last 3 months to be ready on a moments notice for any try out that might come his way and his hard work has paid dividends for him and his family.

The "Bad" news, Mitch Berger another former player and punter I'm training called and told me that Scott Player had won the job at New England. Plus, Mitch had another workout in Denver on Monday and the Broncos signed a rookie punter to go to camp. Mitch is a former two time Pro Bowler and definitely has the ability to still punt in the league. However, Mitch just had a knee scope three weeks ago and might not be 100%.

The "NO" news came from Gil Scott, Mike Vanderjagt's agent, informing me that Mike had a great workout in Denver on Monday but the Broncos were not going to make any decision until after the draft. The previous week Mike had another tryout in Kansas City.

After working with Mike in February and seeing him kick, I just can't believe that Denver or Kansas City haven't signed a quality kicker like Mike to their roster.

I feel good that the guys I'm working with and posting on my web site, One on One Lessons and recommending to NFL coaches are not only getting tryouts but signed.

Again, my congratulations to Scott Player!

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