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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wisc. Coaches Clinic & Sirius Radio

It's was finally Friday and it was a world wind day. Speaking at 2:45 PM for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then at 5:30 PM going on Sirius Radio, 'Moving the Chains' with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan talking Punters and Snappers.

It's been a long week, preparing taxes, traveling and getting my new coaching DVD ready for my presentation,(Drills for Kickoff Cover - Stop Middle Wedge and Stop Left and Right Wedge Returns. Plus One on One Field Goals and Kickoffs with Mike Vanderjagt and Punting Tips with Mitch Berger) all available on the same DVD. In the near future, I will be selling these DVD's on my website.

I gave my presentation and thought it went quite well, of course that's in my opinion!

I had a combination; power point, DVD and VHS presentation. I started by showing the coaches my famous 'Gauntlet Drill", which for 13 years, I have used in the NFL to evaluate all the new rookie players coming into camp. I alternated my presentation with my animation packed power point presentation first teaching the drills, then showing the drills on DVD. Then I showed a VHS highlight tape of best kickoff cover plays, from my days with the Vikings, Ravens and Cardinals.

I finished my presentation with my Mike Vanderjagt One on One and Mitch Berger Punting Tips. I felt it was important the coaches get a little of everything!

The hour and 15 minutes went fast! My presentation was over and I went outside to meet, greet, and reminisce with more of my old buddies I hadn't seen yet.

However, I couldn't afford to relax too long, because, in hour I was scheduled for Sirius Radio, at 5:30 PM I fielded questions from Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan on Punters and Snappers. Click here to listen to Friday's Radio Show!

I was finally done, Michelle and I went to the lobby to continue socializing. Below, on the far left is Bill Collar, he was the Head Coach at Seymour High School for several years, retired from coaching and currently is a Motivational Speaker and Humorist. He is probably one of the funniest men I have ever met. The other gentlemen in the middle is John Brodie, who is a long time legend coach in the Wisconsin High School ranks. John is 75 years young and still coaching at Grafton High School as an Assistant Coach. He loves football and life! He's my long time friend and idol!

Bill Collar, John Brodie and Coach Zauner

The trip was a great success! The presentation went smoothly, attending coaches enjoyed the drills and DVD. The response to my DVD was extremely positive and I hope to sell a bunch of them in the future at other clinics.

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