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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making Contact

Thursday morning, I spoke with Rian Lindell, Buffalo Bill's kicker to confirm a two day One on One Lesson in May. Again, Rian's agent Paul Sheehy feels that Rian would like some personal enrichment and feels I'm the perfect individual to help him. Rian is 6'3 and 233 pounds and wants to be more consistent hitting his kickoffs. He feels that is the one part of his game that he wants to improve in this off season which will not only help him but his team.

This was great news from the NFL!

Also, this week I have been working on a mailer to all the College Division I kickers and punters to let them know about my One on One Consulting. The players should be receiving my letter early next week.

It's been only two months since I started my consulting business and I feel good in the direction it is moving.

Also, today I spoke with Pat Kirwan to confirm I will be back on Sirius NFL Radio next Tuesday, April 22nd talking Return Specialist for the upcoming draft. I will be on 3:45 PM ET /12:45 PT.

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