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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coach Zauner on Sirius NFL Radio

Today on Sirius NFL Radio 'Moving the Chains' with Host Pat Kirwan we talked Return Men!

The first question I fielded from Pat was: Is there another Devin Hester in this years draft? My answer was "No" however, Leodis McKelvin might be close. Depends on the team and how they decide to use him!

My List:

1) Leodis McKelvin - Troy State (8 Career TD's on PR and KOR) 3 TD's
2) Dominique Rodgers Cromartie -Tennessee State (PR or Punt Blocker)
3) Eddie Royal - Virginia Tech (Combination PR & KOR) 2 TD's
4) De Sean Jackson - Cal. Berkeley (Electrifying Return Man!) 1 TD
5) Clifton Smith - Fresno State (#12 in NCAA Punt Returns) 2 TD's
6) Kevin Robinson - Utah State (#8 in All Purpose Yards in NCAA)
Kevin was #1 on PR & #6 on KOR's with 4 TD's, Speed?? Very Productive Player!

Other Returners to Watch:

Tracey Porter (Indiana), Brian Bonner (TCU), Kenneth Moore (Wake Forest),
Antoine Caseon (Arizona), Darrell Blackman (N. Carolina State),
Anthony Russo (Washington), Tom Zbikowski (Notre Dame),
Dexter Jackson (Appalachian St.) and Quinton Demps (Washington St.)

There is always a sleeper in each years class, that has not been a returner in college but was a QB or position player for his team and is now doing whatever it takes to make a team.

Examples: Joshua Cribbs (Free Agent) and Michael Spurlock (Free Agent) both were QB's!

Most players are drafted because of their playing ability at a offensive or defensive position. However, Devin Hester was an exception to the rule! Leodis McKelvin is the best punt returner in this years draft. His or any return man's production will be dictated by the team and the emphasis placed on special teams and the players blocking for them!

Click here to listen to today's conversation and my comments on 'Moving the Chains', the top NFL punt returners in this weeks draft!

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