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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday's NFL Draft

Today and tomorrow I'm making contact with all the kickers, punters and snapper I trained this spring and prepared for this weekends NFL draft!

Brett Kern & Nick Jarvis, both were getting ready to get in a round of golf. Taylor Mehlhaff went back home to South Dakota and said it was snowing! Everybody was just trying to relax because this weekend is one of the biggest events that will dictate their futures.

All the guys are excited about this weekends draft. They all know and realize their names won't be called on the first day.

However, the key for all the specialists, is the second day of the draft or after the draft. All teams have different draft needs or ways to build their teams.

First, which teams have needs, second, how many draft picks do those teams have, third, how do they have the specialists rated with other free agents and fourth, roster spots.

This year there is another factor that might effect; teams will either draft or sign. The "80" team roster rule I mentioned a couple weeks ago in one of my other blogs, will mean teams are losing 5 roster spots because there are no roster exemptions this year, like in past years, because there are no NFL Europe teams this year. So, the guys that will be effected the most are the specialists! I believe more teams will be signing combination kicker/punter type players. They will not be signing the best available but the player that can fill a need to rest the older veteran kickers and punters on their team.

NFL Teams with Special Teams needs and my comments!

1) Broncos need a PK and punter - (2 rookies signed, but need better!)

2) Seahawks need a PK and snapper - (O. Mare has not kicked well, last 2 yrs!)

3) Saints might might need a PK - (M. Gramatica is a maybe in my mind)

4) Falcons might be looking for younger snapper to replace M. Schneck

5) Packers need snapper to replace R. Davis (they have a FA signed)

6) Giants need a snapper to do everything (FG snapper has almost cost them)

7) Eagles should look to bring in competition and to rest PK D. Ackers

8) Redskins should bring in a punter to compete with D. Frost

9) Chiefs have signed two PK's but need better!

10) Titans C. Hentrich is getting older, need younger punter to compete

11) Texans M. Turk is getting older, need younger punter to compete

12) Ravens might need kickoff man & competition for erratic Sam Koch

13) Jaguars might be looking for younger snapper to replace J. Zelenka

I wish the Best of Luck to My First Graduating Class!

Coach Zauner's 2008 One on One Training Class:

* Tyler Schmitt - Long Snapper - San Diego State
* Nick Jarvis - Long Snapper - Wake Forest

* Brett Kern - Punter - University of Toledo
* Kenny DeBauche - Punter - University of Wisconsin
* Ryan Weigand - Punter - University of Virginia

* Taylor Mehlhaff - Kicker - University of Wisconsin
* Garrett Hartley - Kicker - University of Oklahoma
* Garrett Palmer - Kicker - San Diego State University
* Michael Braunstein - Kicker - Ohio University

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