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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Coaching Seminar with Vikings

I spent most of last week working and organizing my coaching video library. After 13 years in the NFL as a Special Teams Coach, I sure saved a lot of video. I not only have several tapes of the great veteran kickers, punters and snappers, but also, all kinds of special teams; punt and kickoff coverage, return, technique, drill and highlight tapes. It's quiet the library.

Sunday night I flew to Minnesota to do a one day seminar with the Vikings Special Teams Coaches Paul Ferraro and Brian Murphy.

On Monday we got started early. I basically down loaded all my coverage and return highlight tapes, plus organized folders of video and power point for all my individual and team drills in each phase of the kicking game. I went in loaded down with two computers and an arsenal of information for them, to answer any question they might ask.

We spent a couple of hours on each phase of the kicking game; punt, punt return, kickoff, kickoff return and field goal. We ended the day talking about coaching situations and practice organization.

At the end of the day Coach Childress stopped by to say hi, after a long day of draft meetings. He asked us, how everything went and both coaches commented, that it was really good. When I met with Coach Childress at the NFL combine he loved my creative power point demonstration, and hopefully in the future I will be back to show him more of my animated power point presentations. He and the entire Viking organization were very accommodating.

When I was a college and NFL Special Teams coach, many times in the off season you study video tapes of everyone in the league and try to learn new trends or figure ways to beat your opponents. However, if your coaching by yourself there really isn't anyone to talk philosophy or play war games with.

Part of my consulting business is to offer college and NFL special teams coaches another view to show various drills or critique their special teams system or present options on coverage and return schemes that might give them more versatility and effectiveness.

I really enjoyed working with they coaches in Minnesota and I think they enjoyed my video and power point presentations and the various options I presented them on technique, scheme and drills.

This week I have 2 kickers and a punter coming to town for more One on One Punting and Kicking Lesson.

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