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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coaching NFL Punter Scott Player

Today I worked with one of my former punters Scott Player. Scott and I worked together when I was the Special Teams Coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals in the 2006 season. It was great seeing him again with his famous, white handle bar mustache.

Scott was cut at the end of the 2007 training camp with Arizona Cardinals.

Last season Scott was picked up for 3 games with the Cleveland Browns. At the NFL Combine last week I talked to Phil Savage the Browns General Manager and Head Coach Romeo Crennel and they both told me that Scott did an outstanding job for them.

The year we worked together with the Cardinals, Scott was not known as a directional punter. As the season progressed he worked hard to become a better directional punter. The last 5 games of the 2006 season our punt coverage was outstanding, simply because Scotts directional punting was pinning opponents in the corner reducing their return space. During his 3 games with the Brown last season he did the same.

Scott's goal is to get back into the NFL! There's got to be a team that needs a very professional, and hard working guy like Scott.

After watching him punt today, he definitely has the ability. I was amazed, how well he punted for being this early in the season. Most veteran NFL punters and kickers don't kick this early. Scott is determined to get back punting for one of the 32 NFL teams. He's working hard and I want to help him achieve his goal!

Craig, my camera man and web site guru commented, "Man" he sure can still punt! He doesn't know a thing about kicking or punting, but he has a good eye for talent!

We started the coaching session working on open field power zone punting. We both agree that the key to Scott's success will be determined by how well he can directional punt. Look at Jeff Feagles the 4o plus year old New York Giant's punter. He just signed a new two year deal because he's phenomenal directional punter! What a great 2007 Season and 2008 Super Bowl.
We worked the remainder of the time on directional punting technique. Scott has progressed nicely from our time together at the Cardinals. He hit some great punts outside the numbers, and close to the sideline. He hit a couple 45 to 50 yard punts out of bounds with excellent hang times.

I believe Scott went home happy! I felt great about our lesson and look forward to working with him again.

Tomorrow, I have Garrett Hartley the kicker from Oklahoma and Nick Jarvis a long snapper from Wake Forest coming to town for two days of lessons. Things are starting to heat up!

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