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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coach Z Special Teams Consultant

The last 3 days have been quiet busy!

Kyle Whittingham one of my players at BYU back in the early 1980's and the present Head Coach at the University of Utah sent his Special Teams Coach Jay Hill to Fountain Hills Arizona for a private kicking and special teams seminar.

It's a facet of my consulting business that puts me apart from most kicking coaches.

I really love being a Kicking, Punting, Snapping and Special Teams Consultant because it gives me the knowledge to tie all the parts together and not only help the specialists but the coaches that are trying to coach them.

Coach Hill was very knowledgeable in all aspects of the kicking game however, is trying to get better at coaching his specialists.

Coach Whittingham called me the next day and was very appreciative, and said his assistant coach learned a lot!

Also, on Friday I received an email from Pat Kirwan (Below) who is an NFL Analyst for Sirius NFL Radio who confirmed that on Tuesday, March 11Th we will be doing a radio spot at 4:00 P.M ET. We'll be talking Kicking and Special Teams with Coach Zauner. "I'm stoked!" They have not decided if the spot will be weekly or bi-monthly.
However, I'm just happy that I can be a voice for kicking specialist's and the kicking game. The one-third part of football that doesn't get enough respect!
They asked me to send a list of 10 topics, so each spot will have a different theme to it! On Tuesday, they want to talk about the top 2 or 3 punters and kickers in this years draft and what NFL teams might have a need.

Also, I spent a large portion of the weekend getting the rest of my new video equipment in place, which will create a very professional environment for the One on One Kicking and Special Teams Seminars held in my office. "I love my new Beta SX Video Player." I can now show visiting coaches individual techniques, drills, various schemes, situations and highlight tapes. During my 11 years of college and 13 years as a NFL Special Teams Coach and Coordinator I saved hundreds of tapes.

I must say, I was a heck of a pack rat for the last 24 years of my coaching career. I have tapes of some of the greatest punt and kickoff returners, punt blockers, and special teams standouts the NFL has ever seen.

It's not only going to be fun for me, but a educational experience for the coaches and players visiting me here in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Bring your golf clubs. The weather has been just awesome!

Stay tuned for the next Coach Zauner Blog