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Sunday, February 24, 2008

NFL Combine Day 5

Today the Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Quarterbacks will show their skills.

It’s Sunday morning and I have my big meeting with Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress at 7:30 A.M. Coach Childress wants to meet with me because he loves innovation & technology. My understanding is he is always looking for new technology or a better way to teach the players .

My Power Point Presentations are different from everyone else’s because I use action figures with various colors schemes that move around. My Punt Cover and Kickoff Cover Players actually move downfield and execute their coverage assignments.

For example, when I click a button the Wedge Buster's on Kickoff Cover will actually move downfield and hit the proper spot on the wedge. I have also designed a Punt and Kickoff return package. All postions are color coded.

As a teacher, I learned long ago the kids learn best when colors are involved. Football players at all levels are just Big Kids.

Raven’s Head Coach Brian Billick was heavy into technology and I developed the initial concept for this package when I worked for the Ravens.

When Coach Childress arrives, I first show him one of my Special Teams motivational presentations. I get his attention quickly. He’s says he already sees how he can use this format in front of the entire team. I then show him the Punt , Kickoff, and return packages.

He say’s I’ve seen enough. We’ll talk more next week.

After this meeting, I walked out to the lobby of the Dome where the National Media was camped. Almost 650 credentials were given out to various media representatives by the Combine, which included Pat Kirwan.

Pat does a nationally syndicated radio show with Sirius Radio, channel 124. I pull him off to the side and we talk for 20 minutes, and I pitch him a couple ideas about Punting and Kicking that might work for his radio show. Pat's eyes light up!

He motions for his producer, Sean Butler, to join us. He tells Sean that he wants to set me up on his show to do a weekly spot on Kicking and Special Teams. We agree to work out the schedule in the near future.

I feel like I just won the Lottery!

Imagine being able to share with a national audience my passion and knowledge of Kicking, Punting and Special Teams.

I, and many others, believe this part of the game is GREATLY overlooked. To think I might be able to give it additional exposure through this radio opportunity is pretty neat.

I call my wife Michelle and she is so happy for me. She’s my biggest fan!

Most people don't realize the wives of coaches feel their husbands ups and downs in regards to their wins & loses, work schedules and job insecurities. Michelle has been a big help in getting my new consulting business up and running. The truth be known, she’s in charge of keeping me organized. She does a heck of a job.

In fact this weekend while I am at the NFL Combine, she’s working on a letter that is going out to all the Division 1 College Coaches. She is always working on something that helps improve my game (business).

Michelle is the Head Coach on this team!

But the great conversation about the radio program opportunity was not to be the end of my ‘networking’ day (even though I only had a few more hours to go before I had to catch my flight home).

I head back into the Dome to work the bleachers. The people I talked to during that ‘very’ short period of time was; Chargers Head Coach Norv Turner; Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy; Chargers GM A. J. Smith; Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher; Seattle’s Head Coach Mike Holmgren and Patriots GM Scott Pioli.

I handed out my business cards and brochures. Everyone I talked to was courtious and very nice. Two of the Head Coaches said they’d call next week.

I hope they follow thru!

At this moment, I feel like one of the players who came here to be reviewed and drafted by an NFL team.

I mean I spent four days here ‘showing my stuff’ to as many people here as I could. This included Coaches, GM’s, Players, and just about anyone else I could get an audience with.

And now, like the players, I’ll just have to wait and see how many teams are interested in ‘drafting’ my consulting services!!!

It’s 3:00 P.M. and I am finally heading home. All I can say is, mission accomplished. I feel great!

Isn’t NFL Football great!!!

Stay tuned for more from the Coach Zauner Blog