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Friday, March 21, 2008

One on One with PK Garrett Palmer

Friday morning we hit the practice field bright and early. After watching video yesterday afternoon the game plan was to try to get Garrett to kick more consistently.

The entire day two, One on One Lesson we emphasized kicking technique and kicking under control.

I was very pleased how quickly Garrett picked up all the concepts and drills I presented to him. In the photo below, you can see at the end of his kick, ending up on balance! Same concept as a good golfer - start and end on balance!

We started our one step drill with 38 yard field goals. We then moved to 43 yards and ended up at 50 yards. Garrett ended the one step session with some big kicks from 50 yards into a slight breeze. "It was very impressive!"

We progressed from my favorite drill, one steps to regular field goals kicks. The emphasis was still the same. Garrett had an excellent day kicking and improving. We finished the day with kickoffs. Again, he improved from the first day he kicked off. He hit a couple of four step kickoffs into or near the endzone.

Garrett was very pleased with his two day One on One Kicking Lesson. I told him he now needs to go home and work on these teaching points until it becomes a more natural feeling. If, Garrett improves in the next couple weeks, he could be a real sleeper for some NFL team.

Garrett was 13 for 15 on FG's this season for a .867%
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