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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Coach Z working with UVA Punter

Coming off a high from my Sirius NFL Radio gig on Tuesday, I was back giving One on One punting lessons on Wednesday.

I picked up University of Virginia punter Ryan Weigand at the airport and we went right to work. Ryan is really a nice young man with a big leg. He averaged 45.2 yards a punt his senior year! He was the open field punter and Chris Gould (Robbie Goulds brother), was the field goal kicker and pooch punter.

Ryan's knows he needs to show NFL special teams coaches that he can handle all the duties that are asked of him at the next level. Ryan has been a long time participant at Chris Sailor's kicking camps but wants to take his instruction to the highest level. That's why he's here.

During our lesson I showed him some slight flaws he had in this drop. We worked several drills and he experienced immediate results. He now knows, if he can get the ball on the table quicker he will have a more consistent drop and his punting consistency will improve.

We finished the day with a video session. He saw first hand what my eyes had seen on the field.

One of my favorite sayings is; "The eye in the sky, never lies." Ryan is a student of the game and picked up my explanations and coaching concepts quickly.

Tomorrow, Ryan will get better. He's going back to the hotel to practice his drop. "I pity the poor people staying below his room" He'll be dropping the ball all night long on the floor. He's committed to getting better, and wants to be ready for his college pro day next week.

You can hear my Sirius NFL interview by going to my blog on March 11th.

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