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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sirius NFL Radio Moving the Chains

Today was my second segment on Sirius NFL Radio 'Moving the Chains' with talk show hosts Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan.

We talked about the top kickers and punters coming out for this years draft and the NFL teams that have needs in those areas. We were scheduled to talk about long snappers, unfortunately, we ran short on time.

Pat and Tim make it very comfortable for me to do their show. Their the Best!

I sent Pat and Tim a power point presentation that list the various NFL teams and their specialists. Also, listed was all the top college specialists coming out for this years draft. Pat was very impressed with my organization. It makes our conversation go very smoothly!

When I was a Special Teams Coordinator in the NFL, I did all my presentations on power point. Matter of fact, several College and NFL coaches have inquired about learning how to create animated and interactive power point presentations. Go to my website and click on Special Teams and you can preview one of my presentations.

I really appreciate the opportunity Sirius Radio has given me. It means I can discuss in greater depth the importance of kickers, punters, snappers and kicking game.

My goal is to be a voice and advocate for the kicking specialists and kicking game. I've had a passion my whole life to be the best when it comes to teaching and coaching, now I want to be the best at promoting the individuals and the speciality of the game that has been so good to me in my lifetime.

Click here to listen to Tuesday March 18th Radio Show 'Moving the Chains' talking kicking with Coach Zauner.

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