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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mehlhaff, DeBauche & Beaver

It's early Thursday morning and I'm back at it again. I had a late night working on my video presentation for the Wisconsin Coaches Clinic next week Friday, April 4th in Madison Wisconsin.

I headed to the airport to pick up the two of the Wisconsin Badgers kicking specialists, kicker Taylor Mehlhaff, and punter Ken DeBauche. Also, in the group is Wisconsin State University Whitewater running back Justin Beaver.

Kicker Taylor Mehlhaff

Punter Kenny DeBauche

Running Back Justin Beaver

The boy's had a rough morning! They had been up since 4:00 AM trying to catch a plane in Milwaukee Wisconsin, and had a 3 hour delay due to an airline problem. So I took them to the hotel to get some rest.

Late in the afternoon we hit the golf course for a quick nine holes at FireRock Country Club. We played a little skins game and once again Coach Zauner won. Of course it was only a buck, but a win is a win. We actually got in 11 holes. Myself and Kenny had 4 skins a piece and Taylor had 3 skins. Justin didn't play but hit a couple of balls just for laughs. On the 12th hole which is a par 3, he hit a ball sooooo far left, which hit a house, we decided to take the weapon out of his hands and just let him drive the cart. The boys enjoy the course!

After golf and a pizza I took the boys back to the hotel! They wanted to get a good nights rest before we kick in the morning!

Stay tuned for more of Coach Zauner's Blog with the 3 Wisconsin Specialists!