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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Coaching Specialists - Day 2

We just finish our second day of lessons with Oklahoma kicker Garrett Hartley and Wake Forest long snapper Nick Jarvis.

Both players took what they learned the first day, and improved. It's nice to have good students!
I believe as a teacher and kicking coach, one key to a students learning is a good video session. Showing a player not only what he is doing right but also, showing them what they might be doing wrong or in most cases, with athletes at this level, slight flaws in their technique that might cause inconsistencies in their performances.

After our video session we hit the practice field where both players worked hard on drills and techniques that we emphasized during our video session. They took what they saw on video and transferred it to the practice field.

They both had excellent practice days and feel more confident as their college pro days near!

"I love designing or creating drills that are specific to the needs of each individual player." It's like an artist painting a picture. When you fill in all the colors and details its a work of art.

The final results of the two day workout was that both players improved. Garrett and Nick both told me that they learned a lot and both are very happy they came to Scottsdale to work with me.

"That makes my day!" That's why I love teaching and coaching. It's those One on One working relationships and the improvements you see your students making, that makes me feel good. Go to http://www.coachzauner.com/ to view One on One Lessons.

After working with these players for two days they definitely should of been invited to this years NFL combine. How the committee missed who knows?

Here I go again!

The one thing that really disturbs me is for years when I've gone to the NFL combine, like I did two weeks ago, I see certain individuals perform and wondered how did this guy get invited. The NFL combine does a great job in many area's, however, when it comes to selecting kicking specialists they seem to struggle.

In my opinion, this year was the worst group of specialists assembled, except for a small handful. The selection committee seems to miss the boat on a lot of good kickers, punters, and snappers around the country.

Maybe the selection committee knows a lot about football personnel, but needs to learn more about the individual kicking specialists and really who has the best attributes to become a NFL specialists. The need to take a good hard look at their evaluators and evaluation process.

Nick Jarvis and Garrett Hartley

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