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Friday, December 25, 2015

Rick Lovato Old Dominion University Snapper

Rick Lovato and His Father Rick Sr. After ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson In Fountain Hills, AZ
First, I would like to Congratulate Old Dominion University Snapper, Rick Lovato for signing with the Green Bay Packers this past weekend. Way to Go Rick... and his father for all his support.

On Monday I received a call from Rick Lovato.  "Hey Coach!  I got good news".  I just signed with the Green Bay Packers and will be playing this coming weekend against the Arizona Cardinals.  My comment back to him was, "Way to go Rick.  All your hard work has paid off and what a Christmas present!"

I first met Rick Lovato about two years ago when he attended one of my Snappers PRO Development Camps in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  Immediately I could tell this young man had NFL potential.  But like all college snappers he needed to refine his snapping and blocking technique to NFL standards.
Rick Lovato at Snappers Camps in Fountain Hills, Arizona
After the January Snappers camp Rick and his father booked a ONE on ONE Snapping Lesson a couple of months later.  Over the next two years Rick came to Fountain Hills, AZ or Milwaukee Wisconsin for more ONE on ONE Lessons.  Each time I saw Rick he had improved.
Rick Lovato in Fountain Hills, Working to Improve His Snapping Technique
Rick Lovato in Milwaukee Wisconsin, Working To Improve His Blocking Technique
In 2015 after Rick's final season game he attended the January PRO Development Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona which is well attended every year by many College and Free Agent Snappers.  Many of these snappers are preparing for Coach Zauner's February College Senior Combine or March Free Agent Combine or their Spring PRO Day.
Sam Rodgers (Syracuse), Winston Chapman (Mississippi State) and Rick Lovato (Old Dominion)
Rick followed up the PRO Development Camp with more ONE on ONE Snapping Lessons to prepare for the 2015 College Senior Combine.  Rick prepared the last two years for this big event because he knew the BEST snappers coming out of this College Senior Combine Showcase Event signed NFL contracts. 
Rick Lovato Making Some Small Adjustments To Take His Game To The Next Level

At the College Senior Combine, Rick turned in an excellent performance.  He was one of the five snappers recommended to NFL teams by Coach Zauner.  
Rick Lovato at 2015 College Senior Combine

After the 2015 NFL Draft Rick Lovato signed as a Free Agent with the Chicago Bears.  After a couple of pre season games he was released like many other College Free Agents.

Coach Zauner's Programs Are 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'
Rick Lovato becomes the 17th Snapper in the past seven years that has made an NFL or CFL roster through Coach Zauner's Programs.

Rick Lovato and Coach Zauner
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