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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hayden Hunt (Colorado State) Ray Guy Finalist

Ray Guy Finalists - Hayden Hunt Colorado State 46.3 Yard Average
First of all I would like to congratulate Hayden Hunt for being a Ray Guy Finalist.  Also, for his 2015 punting accomplishments.  To date his gross punting average is an impressive 46.3 yards per punt but more importantly his net punting average is 43.41 yards per punt.  He has also placed 21 of his 43 punts inside the 20 yard line in addition to 15 fair catches.  

As a "traditional punter" or NFL Style punter goes, those are great numbers.  I use the term "traditional punter" because many of today's college coaches are having their punters use a running punt or Rugby style of punting.  It works in college football but won't work in the NFL because of the coverage rules.

In college when the ball is snapped everyone can release.  So the running style rugby punt gives the coverage team a little more time to get down field and give them great coverage.  In the NFL the only two players that can release on the snap are the outside two gunners.  
Hayden Hunt Working To Become a More Consistent Punter
In January of 2015 I first met and worked ONE on ONE Kicking Lessons with Hayden's former teammate Jared Roberts.  Jared was invited to the NFL Combine last season but did not make any NFL training camp.

Jared brought Hayden to my July Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camp in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this past summer.  At the first practice Hayden hit some excellent hang time punts and I could tell this young man had potential. 
Coach Zauner With Colorado State Specialists: Hayden Hunt and Jared Roberts
I also noticed that Hayden needed to work to perfect a more consistent drop.  The key for most NFL punters is their drop.  During the course of the camp Hayden was a real sponge soaking up and trying to learn as much as he could.  

Hayden who was originally a kicker converted to punting earlier in his college career so he could get some playing time. Well, sometimes things happen in life for a reason.  Hayden's making the most of his opportunities. 
Coach Zauner Shows Hayden The Lever Drop Technique
At the camp this summer Hayden won a couple awards one being the longest punt and the other was best hang time punt.  His snapper was Mississippi State's senior long snapper, Winston Chapman.
Winston Chapman (Mississippi State) and Hayden Hunt (Colorado State)
It's always fun and gratifying to see young men like Hayden come to a camp or lessons and see them improve or take their games to the next level.  There are no more Sunday game days for Coach Zauner. So, I get my kicks from seeing my students or campers improve or make it on a college or  NFL team.  

Once again I wish Hayden Hunt the best of luck next week when they make the final decision on the 2015 Ray Guy Award Winner.  

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