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Friday, December 4, 2015

Jeff Overbaugh San Diego State Snapper Perfect Career

First and for most I would like to congratulate Jeff Overbaugh
for his outstanding and 'Perfect' snapping career at San Diego State
Jeff Overbaugh San Diego State Snapper
In 1980 I was hired by Head Coach, Doug Scovil as the Special Teams Coach at San Diego State.  It was my first full time position and matter of fact I became the first Full-Time Special Teams Coach in NCAA history.  Most college football teams had their staffs coach the kicking game by committee or had a position coach organize their kicking game. I was hired just to coach Special Teams and the kicking specialists.  It was a First!

With that said, about three years ago I had a snapping camp here in Phoenix, Arizona and when Jeff Overbaugh introduced himself to me, all I could think about - An Aztec!  There was an instant bond!  

At the first practice I quickly noticed that this Aztec had some real snapping potential. The previous snapper at San Diego State, who was Aaron Brewer is now snapping for the Denver Broncos. So, San Diego State must be doing something right especially with long snappers. 
Jeff Overbaugh at Coach Zauner's May Snapping Camp in Fountain Hills, Arizona
In the past two years Jeff has worked hard not only becoming a better snapper but also working on his blocking technique and coverage skills.  I told him if he wants to be an NFL snapper he needs the full package.
Jeff Overbaugh works Blocking Drill at Coach Zauner's May Snapping Camp
At the present time San Diego State has a pretty good team and a possibility of a Bowl Game.  I wish the Aztec's and Jeff Overbaugh continued success and good luck in the future.  Go Aztecs!

After the season Jeff will be moving to Fountain Hills, Arizona to start training for his next opportunity either Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine or his PRO Day or Who Knows, Maybe More!
Jeff Overbaugh and Coach Zauner
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