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Friday, December 4, 2015

Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results

Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine Produces Exposure & Results For
Specialists & NFL Teams!
Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine in Gilbert, Arizona 
Coach Zauner's 2015 College Senior Combine once again produced the exposure and results the attending specialists wanted, needed and deserved.

The College Senior Combine is for any draft eligible kicker, punter and snapper that feels he has NFL potential.  It is a combine that NFL Coaches, Scouts and Directors of College or Pro Scouting can not
attend by NFL rule.  Therefore, the NFL and CFL (Canadian Football League) Coaches and Scouts rely on Coach Zauner's Eye for Talent and recommendations to pursue talent that was not invited to the Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.

Example with Punters: Johnny Hekker (St. Louis Rams), Sam Martin (Detroit Lions), and Tress Way (Washington Redskins).  All three of these punters did not get invited to play in an after season bowl game, Senior Bowl or NFL Combine.

Example with Snappers: Morgan Cox (Baltimore Ravens), Justin Drescher (N.O. Saints), Christian Yount (Cleveland Browns), Beau Brinkley (Tennessee Titans), Kyle Nelson (S.F. 49ers) and Kevin McDermott (Minnesota Vikings). 

Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine
 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football'

On February 27, 28 & March 1, 2015, (86) Specialists participated in Coach Zauner 7th Annual College Senior Combine.  Of those specialists only (70) Specialists wanted their stats posted or given to the NFL Teams that attended my Free Agent Combine held the following week.

Some specialists did very well, others had a bad or poor showing.  That is why I give every specialists the ability or option to post or not post their results.  If a specialists did not have a good showing but showed NFL potential I still gave my opinion to my NFL Network of contacts when asked if that player attended the combine.

I would never want to give a bad recommendation or hurt any specialists ability to have a chance to play professional football.  Especially, when his college career should be highly regarded has his best resume. 

This is a list of 2015 College Senior Specialists That signed NFL Contracts: 
Kickers Signing NFL Contracts: Corey Acosta (U. of Southern Mississippi) signs with S.F. 49ers, Ty Long (UAB) signs with Washington Redskins.
Corey Acosta (U. of Southern Mississippi) Signs with S.F. 49ers
Ty Long (UAB) Sign with Washington Redskins
Punters Signing NFL Contracts: Matt Darr (U. of Tennessee) signs with Miami Dolphins, Kip Smith (Oklahoma State) signs with Philadelphia Eagles, Matt Wile (U. of Michigan) signs with Carolina Panthers.
Matt Darr (U. of Tennessee) Signs with Miami Dolphins
Kip Smith (Oklahoma State) Signs with Philadelphia Eagles
Matt Wile (U. of Michigan) Signs with Carolina Panthers
Snappers Signing NFL Contracts: Rick Lovato (Old Dominion) signs with Chicago Bears, Nate Boyer (University of Texas) signs with Seattle Seahawks.
Rick Lovato (Old Dominion) Signs with Chicago Bears
Nate Boyer (U. of Texas) Signs with Seattle Seahawks
Daniel MacDonald (U. of Guelph) Drafted 5th Round by CFL Toronto Argonauts
This is a list of other specialists that were also invited to NFL Mini-Camps:  Hunter Mullins (UAB), Keith Kostol (Oregon State), Matt Dooley (Indiana University), Jordan Williamson (Stanford), Sam Rodgers (Syracuse Univesity) and Drew Ferris (U. of Florida).
Hunter Mullins (UAB)
Keith Kostol (Oregon State)
Matt Dooley (Indiana University)
Jordan Williamson (Stanford)
Sam Rodgers (Syracuse University)
Drew Ferris (U. of Florida)
There might of been more specialists but these are specialists that informed me of their tryouts and invitations to mini-camps.  Good luck to all the specialist that are pursuing their dream to play in the NFL.
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