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Friday, December 4, 2015

Arizona High School Camps Producing Results for Kickers, Punters and Snappers

Coach Zauner's Arizona High School
Kicking, Punting and Snapping Camps and Lessons Producing Results
The 2015 Arizona High School Football season is over and the State Championships have been decided in all divisions.  Now, come some of the individual awards and accolades for players that have been either on winning or losing teams. 
Dylan Brown (Hamilton) Kicker at Coaches Zauner Sunday Kick Around
As I sat home watching some college football games last week I received a text from Dylan Browns mother.  Jyl Brown sent me a text that Dylan Brown (Chandler Hamilton High School) was named Rivals 2015 Kicker of the Year.  That was just one more award or feather in Dylan's cap.  He earlier was invited to the Texas Blue / Gray All Star Game in Dallas.
Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle) Punter at Coach Zauner's Sunday Kick Around
Minutes later I noticed on the same page another student of mine Jeff McGuire (Pinnacle High School) had received Rivals 2015 Punter of the Year Award.  I have been working with Jeff for the last two years refining his kicking and punting technique.  Jeff has made vast improvements and this is just frosting on the cake for him and his parents.  His hard work has paid dividends.
Turner Bernard (Mountain Ridge) Snapper at Coach Zauner's Sunday Kick Around
Earlier in the year Turner Bernard (Mountain Ridge High School) and son of Ben Bernard (Arizona Elite Snapping Camps) was named to the Under Armour 2015 All Star Game.  This past summer Ben brought Turner to some of my snapping camps and Sunday Kick Arounds to have another set of "Eyes" check out Turner's technique and progress.  I appreciate Ben giving me the opportunity to help coach his already very talented son.  Turner is one of the top senior snappers in the country.
Coach Zauner and Ben Bernard Discussing Turner Bernard's Snapping Future
That text about some of my students making Rival's Kicker and Punter of the Year made my day, night and weekend.

Since, I retired from the NFL I don't get my high on Sunday's anymore.  I get my high and feeling of accomplishment helping young men like Dylan, Jeff and Turner have success as high school specialists.

I hope in some way my coaching and guidance will help these specialists achieve their dream of some day playing college football.  Who knows maybe NFL!

I wish all the young men continued success!

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